The Group is a team of very experienced senior consultants, working with clients – as guides, facilitators, project and program leaders, recovery specialists, coaches and supports.

We like scale – we work with large and distributed organisations; we enjoy working with SMEs too. We move confidently between large public companies, government owned corporations and on-budget agencies.

We understand organisations from both a “soft” cultural or relationships view and from a “hard” scaffolding and structures view. We blend the two in our work.

We work at senior leader levels, respecting the “politics and push” of influencing change, by engaging with executives and leaders, in constructive and robust ways. In doing so, we work with both the formal and informal arms of your organisation.

We work well with rational views and opinions; we also respect and work with visual patterns, emerging themes, dis-order and intractable (sometimes called fuzzy) issues. We like that mix. We believe it represents what actually happens inside organisations and across their boundaries.

Mostly, we partner our clients to tackle big priorities, issues or risks – substantial projects with a bias to action. We nonetheless do some projects where we conduct independent studies, assessments or statutory reviews.

We’re cheeky about consulting words [currently they include disruptive, digital, innovation (labs and hubs), data analytics, ideas boom, co-design, agile...and so on...you know them]; we’re more eager to interpret their practical value and help deliver that value, rather than overuse them.

We partner others, when we can improve the value to our clients.