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We serve clients and the needs of their executive and senior management teams in medium to large organisations across the east coast of Australia.

Being industry-agnostic, we work with a wide range of corporate and government clients – they frequently have an engineering/transport/energy bias, a financial, educational or a human services bias. We provide a sample:

In Energy

  • A national Generation business (including consulting services around carbon pricing, business strategy, management systems/rhythms, right-sizing, coaching and the acquisition/integration of  a major power station)
  • State level Generation GOC  businesses – strategy revision and business change assignments
  • Multiple projects with Energex, Ergon, (now combined as Energy Queensland) as retailers/distributors and PowerLink (as the grid backbone) – most recently, developing the organisational change strategy (including piloting it) and establishing the business-led governance for the major Streams of the digital enterprise ERP-EAM program in Energy Queensland

In Health

  • State-level Health agency, including both strategy and business change assignments at corporate, most regions, hospitals and service providers in acute care, policy, funders/service purchasers, capital works, public health, HR and ICT groups
  • Sisters of Mercy Health Services (including strategy at both corporate and major hospital levels) and Uniting Care (including strategy with BlueCare)

In Law & Order

  • Police, Corrective and Emergency Services, including the development of new service delivery models, strategy with corporate executives and with many business divisions
  • Justice & Attorney General – strategy at corporate level and divisional levels

In Education

  • TAFE, including facilitation of a major partnering relationship with the first “systems and services” outsourcing contract in QLD, strategy with many business divisions and institutes and performing the program director role in the urgent replacement of outdated Student Management and Finance systems
  • State Education agency – strategy at corporate level
  • Universities – established a number of Collaborative Research Centres, facilitated strategy revision at Corporate, Faculties and business divisions, facilitated the development of Institutes (IHBI is one example) and supported the integration of merged business units and their disparate cultures
  • Helped stop and recover a failing SMS program, converting the operating model from an IT-led model to a business-led model; advocated for the appointment of the Student DVC (as sponsor) and a capable program director; we then tackled the organisational change work.

In Government Central Agencies

  • Facilitation of strategy revision with Premier & Cabinet, Treasury, Public Works, Shared Services Groups and centralised ICT agencies
  • Independent large scale and complex community consultation on a major proposed integrated development program

In Transport

  • TforNSW, including Roads (costed options for increasing the value of technical engineering services) and the Performance Analytics group (learning to partner with data-rich firms to conduct PoC and C/BAs, to add value to transport planners and users)
  • TMR, including strategy development with TransLink, Transport, Main Roads (both corporate and most business divisions) and Maritime Safety, multiple business projects, passenger service contract renewal, coaching and statutory reviews
  • Rail – strategy work, both corporately and in many business divisions, and multiple projects in Passenger, Safety, Network, Freight, Finance, HR and IT business units

In Professional Engineering firms

  • Corporate strategy development and business unit redesign in Downer EDI, Hyder Consulting, Parsons Brinkerhoff, Scott Wilson/URS and Union Switch and Signal.

In Resources

  • Corporate strategy development and mobilising with business model redesign in Natural Resources & Mines at corporate and business divisions
  • Refreshing and mobilising strategy in Agriculture/Primary Industries, at corporate and key business divisions
  • Assisting Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal to develop a new way to double its capacity in a record time
  • Rio Tinto, especially organisational change services in support of the introduction of new PM practices in its Project & Innovation Services and in HR

In Human Services

  • Child Safety, Families and Communities agencies, Indigenous services and Disability Services – strategy redesign, business unit performance evaluation and improvement
  • Local Government & Planning, Sport & Recreation, especially strategy and priorities
  • Brisbane, Gold Coast, Redlands, Rockhampton, Noosa and Maroochy Shire Councils – strategy, performance improvement and systems project recovery

In Finance

  • QSuper – both strategy development and systems-driven organisational change
  • Suncorp – strategy work at Corporate, Insurance, IT and Business Banking groups and the recovery of failing projects, their governance and their organisational change needs
  • Redesign of the Teachers Union Health Fund organisation